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Keyboard Mapping



Some of the keys on a 3270 terminal are not present on most computer and workstation keyboards. When a key or key combination is pressed on your keyboard JET 3270 can emulate the effect of a different key from a 3270 terminal being pressed. JET 3270 is said to "map" the keyboard key to the 3270 terminal key. JET 3270 can also run a script when a key or key combination is pressed. In this case JET 3270 maps the keyboard key to the script. The set of all maps from keyboard keys to 3270 terminal keys or scripts is called a "keyboard mapping". JET 3270 allows the user to configure its keyboard mapping via the session settings.

As a Java applet JET does not access the keyboard directly. When you press a key the browser will interpret the key and usually pass it to JET. However, sometimes the operating system or browser interprets the key as having meaning to itself or as illegal and does not pass it to JET. For example, when running JET in Microsoft Internet Explorer under Windows, Alt+F6 is interpreted by Windows as a request to switch windows and is not passed to JET.

Default Keyboard Mapping

The default keyboard mapping is shown in the table below. Note that several key combinations can map to the same 3270 key. The table has a row for each 3270 key which lists the key combinations which map to that 3270 key.

3270 Key Key combinations
PF1 F1
PF2 F2
PF3 F3
PF4 F4
PF5 F5
PF6 F6
PF7 F7
PF8 F8
PF9 F9
PF10 F10
PF11 F11 Ctrl+F1
PF12 F12 Ctrl+F2
PF13 Shift+F1
PF14 Shift+F2
PF15 Shift+F3
PF16 Shift+F4
PF17 Shift+F5
PF18 Shift+F6
PF19 Shift+F7
PF20 Shift+F8
PF21 Shift+F9
PF22 Shift+F10
PF23 Ctrl+Shift+F1 Shift+F11
PF24 Ctrl+Shift+F2 Shift+F12
PA1 Pgup Alt+Insert
PA2 Pgdn Alt+Home
PA3 Shift+Pgup
Attn Esc
Backspace none
Backtab Shift+Tab
Clear Pause
Cursor Up Up Shift+Up
Cursor Down Down Shift+Down
Cursor Right Right Shift+Right
Cursor Left Left Shift+Left
Delete Delete
Destructive Backspace Backspace
Dup Shift+Insert
Enter Enter
Erase Eof End
Erase Input Alt+End
Fast Down Alt+Down
Fast Left Alt+Left
Fast Right Alt+Right
Fast Up Alt+Up
Field Mark Shift+Home
Home Home
Insert Mode Insert
New Line Shift+Enter
Reset none
Tab Tab
Reconnect none
Disconnect none
Clear Selection none
Copy Ctrl+C Alt+C Meta+C
Cut Ctrl+X Alt+X Meta-X
Paste Ctrl+V Alt+V Meta+V
Ignore Caps Lock Num Lock Shift+Shift Ctrl Alt+Alt Meta+Meta

JET 3270 will also map from a key combination that generates a graphic character (for example, letters, digits, punctuation and the space) to the 3270 key for that graphic character.

The Alt key does not function as an Alt modifier key.

The Meta key (marked with a diamond) functions as combined Alt and Meta modifier keys. For example, if the Meta key is held and the A key pressed JET 3270 receives Alt+Meta+A. The ignore_meta_for_unix applet parameter can make JET 3270 ignore the received Meta key, so that the Meta key functions as an Alt modifier key. For example, if ignore_meta_for_unix is set to yes, the Meta key is held and the A key pressed JET 3270 receives Alt+A. The default value for ignore_meta_for_unix is yes.

Current Release
JET 3270 7.0A

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