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Scripting - Introduction
- JET 3270 Documentation / Scripting

Scripting Introduction

JET 3270 can run scripts to automate a routine interaction with the host. Scripts can simulate terminal key presses and wait for a specified string to be received from the host. You can configure JET 3270 to initiate scripts immediately after connecting to a host (this is a logon script), or when a key combination is pressed. Script files are simple text files that can be stored on the local file system or accessed via a web server.

You can also have JET 3270 record the actions you take to navigate a set of host screens, and then have JET 3270 automatically create a simple script file which will "replay" the host screen navigation whenever JET 3270 initiates the script. This can help to make your job of creating a script file much simpler, and less error-prone.

*Remark : The hostname of the Library of Congress,, is used throughout this documentation as an example only. To test host connectivity in your environment substitute where you see throughout this documentation.

Current Release
JET 3270 7.0A

Scripting Introduction
Script Files
Logon Script
Script Keys
Recording/Generating Scripts
Stopping a script
Example logon script

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