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Printing - Introduction
- JET 3270 Documentation / Printing

Printing Introduction

JET 3270 supports several modes of printing, depending on which printers you wish to access, and the level of control you want over your printing. The types of printing supported are:

  • Screen Printing
    JET 3270 prints a single page which is a copy of the then-current terminal screen contents.
  • Host printing to a host-attached printer
    By configuring the LU Resource attribute, your terminal session can be associated with a host-attached printer. Applications that print will then send their output to that printer.
  • Host printing to a locally-attached printer (3287 support)
    By configuring JET 3270 to start a separate connection to the host for the transport of print data, host applications that print will send their output on that print connection, and JET 3270 will print that data to a locally attached printer.
Current Release
JET 3270 7.0A

Printing Introduction
Screen Printing
To Host Attached Printers
To Locally Attached Printers

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