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JET 6530 Overview

JET 6530 is a JavaTM applet, browser-based terminal emulator that extends the reach of legacy applications using the internet. As a web to host solution, JET 6530 provides savings in product acquisition, administration, and maintenance. JET 6530 includes all the features and function you require without unnecessary bells & whistles. JET 6530 is performance optimised for quick user download and is value priced. 

JET 6530

How JET 6530 works :

A web page has an APPLET tag which names the archive files containing the code for the JET 6530 applet. When a user accesses this page for the first time their browser downloads an archive file from the web server and installs the JET 6530 code (called "class files") on the user's hard drive. In future the browser only downloads the code again if a new version is on the web server. 

The browser runs the JET 6530 code. At the user's request, or automatically if so configured, JET 6530 makes a connection to the TN6530 server over the TCP/IP network. 

The user is presented with a host welcome or logon screen. The JET 6530 applet displays to the user data it receives from the host application, and transmits user keystrokes and screens back to the host application as if it were a locally attached terminal. 

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