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JET 6530 - Features/Benefits

JET 6530 support includes all Microsoft Windows operating System, Unix and Linux. See the Install / Requirements page for supported browsers and Java virtual machines.

JET 6530 works with any standard web server. JET 6530 uses Microsoft's Distribution Units technologies to install the JET 6530 class files on the client's hard disk. This means the class files are only downloaded from the web server to the client once, unless there is a new release at the web server. Thereafter, the JET 6530 applet is installed from the client hard drive. This improves performance noticably for clients with a slow link (i.e. 56kbps or slower)

JET 6530

Host-Server Support

  • Tandem/HP server
  • Direct-host connection

Web Server Support

  • Any standard web server

Emulation Support

  • 6530 terminal emulation

File Transfer Support

  • IXF

Host Emulation Type

  • Java applet

Management and Administration

  • Centralized configuration at the web server
  • Customizable TCP/IP ports
  • On-line help

Emulation Features

  • Independent window or inside browser
  • Dynamic emulation resizing
  • Support for macros
  • Unlimited number of host sessions
  • Performance optimization
  • Customizable options
    • Keyboard mapping
    • Screen colors
    • Cursor appearance
    • Audible alarms
  • Cut, copy and paste
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