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Platypus Partners provide Web-enabled enterprise solutions allowing corporations to extend IBM & Tandem/HP networks using strategic, low-cost Web-to-host access and interface technology.

Below is an overview of our products (click on the titles to learn more)

JET - Products

JET - Java 3270 & 6530 Terminal Emulators

JET 3270 for IBM and JET 6530 for HP are Java applet terminal emulators. JET allows the PC cloud user to connect to mainframe apps anywhere an internet connection is available. JET includes all the terminal emulator basics with no expensive bells and whistles. JET is guaranteed to be the low cost applet emulator. JET now supports all Microsoft operating systems including Vista and Chrome.

JET API - Products

JET API - Java 3270 & 6530 Application Development Tool

JET API 3270 and JET API 6530 allow development of Java applet, application, servlet & JSP code to integrate back-office legacy data with your new server based application.
JET API MultiHost combines JET API 3270 and JET API 6530 in a single library.  JET API is low cost and easy to use.

eJECT 3270

eJECT 3270 - Java 3270 Software Development Kit 

eJECT 3270 is an easy to use Software Development Kit that uses JET API to create XML-aware Enterprise Java Beans, Java Servlets, JSPs, applets, and more. 
eJECT has a GUI interface that allows you to cut and paste from examples to quickly develop a new interface to your 3270 legacy apps.
eJECT 3270 includes almost 80% of the most commonly used 3270 host calls to reduce development time and expertise required for implementation. 

Platypus Partners provide Professional Services which include programming, consulting, and project management to ensure the success of any IT integration effort.


Taronga Zoo

Platypus Partners are proud sponsors of the platypus.


Platypus Partners welcome customers and partners :

Cetelem using JET API in an EJB finds "performance quite impressive".

Canadian call center implements JET 3270 Enterprise License across multiple servers to improve service and reduce cost.

Karstadt chooses JET 6530 over Outside View for price

Business-e Italy chooses JET 3270 over Rhumba for price

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Check out AppGate Mindterm secure server, 
our partner in network security.

Mindterm with JET packages available.

USDA implements JET Enterprise License with Mindterm secure server.

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