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JET 3270 & JET 6530 Java™ Applet Browser Based Terminal Emulators extend your IBM & Tandem/HP networks using low cost web to host technology.

JET client support includes all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Unix and Linux.


JET API Java™ Host Access API allows you to develop new IBM and Tandem/HP application interfaces without requiring changes to your existing 3270 or 6530 host applications. Including applet, application, servlet, and JSP support, JET API allows you to create your own new host interface.


eJECT 3270 provides a Rapid Application Development environment for creating XML-aware Enterprise Java Beans, Java Servlets, JSPs, and JET API applications capable of interfacing to IBM hosts. eJECT 3270 can dramatically reduce development time and expertise required, by allowing you to interactively build your application using a friendly Graphical User Interface.


Professional Services

Platypus Partners have extensive experience in the Java, Communications, and Web to Host integration arenas. We can provide you software engineering resources to assist in your project, or even to build a turn key solution for you from the ground up. Please contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

eJECT 3270

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