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Scripting - Stopping a script
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Interaction between scripts

Each JET 6530 window can run only one script at a time. If a script initiates a connection (by sending a [reconnect] key) and is running when the connection is made, JET 6530 will ignore any logon script. If the user presses the key combination for a script while JET 6530 is running another script, JET 6530 does not run the new script, and sounds an alarm.

Interaction between waitfor, send and delay commands

Sometimes data received from the host before a waitfor command is executed can match the text argument and cause the command to complete.

If the waitfor command is preceded by a send command, then data received after the start of execution of the send command can satisfy the command.

If the waitfor command is preceded by another waitfor command, then data received after the data matching the text argument of the first waitfor command can satisfy the second.

If a delay command precedes the waitfor command, then data received after the delay can satisfy the waitfor command.

Current Release
JET 6530 7.0A

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