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Settings and Preferences - Deleting the saved preferences
- JET 6530 Documentation / Settings & Preferences / Deleting Saved Preferences

Deleting the saved preferences

Sometimes you may want to delete the saved preferences file. For example, if you have changed the applet parameters for preferences in a web page to load JET 6530 you need to delete the saved preferences before you can check that the applet parameters are working as expected. Follow these steps:

  • Close all JET 6530 sessions.
  • Exit the browser.
  • Locate the local session directory.
    The location of the local session directory depends on the web browser and operating system.

    The general rule is that the local session directory is called .jet6530 and is a subdirectory of the user's home directory as given by the browser (i.e. the user.home system property).

  • Locate the preferences file. It is in the local session directory and is named "preferences".
  • Use the method appropriate to the operating system to delete the preferences file (eg. Windows Explorer, the rm command).
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Deleting the saved preferences
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