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Settings and Preferences - Deleting a local session
- JET 6530 Documentation / Settings & Preferences / Deleting Local Session

Deleting a local session

If you no longer use a local session you may want to delete it so that it does not appear in the Open Session dialog box. Follow these steps:

  • Close all JET 6530 sessions.
  • Exit the browser.
  • Locate the local session directory.

    The general rule is that the local session directory is called .jet6530 and is a subdirectory of the user's home directory as given by the browser (i.e. the user.home system property).

  • Locate the session file. It is in the local session directory and has the same name as the session.
  • Use the method appropriate to the operating system to delete the session file (eg. Windows Explorer, the rm command)
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