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eJECT 3270 Overview

eJECT 3270 provides a Rapid Application Development environment for creating JET API applications capable of interfacing to IBM hosts. eJECT 3270 can dramatically reduce development time and expertise required, by allowing you to interactively build your application using a friendly Graphical User Interface. eJECT is a simplified cut and paste development tool to help those with minimal Java programming skills, or minimal time to apply to a Java programming effort. 

eJECT 3270 produces Java code using JET API 3270 to offer you the fastest performing new interface possible. JET API class sizes are small and fast for maximum performance.

eJECT 3270 offers a low cost migration path for legacy applications and allows a smooth migration strategy for moving backend data between platforms.

eJECT 3270
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