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Morgan Keegan & Company Employees Using Platypus Partners' JET 3270 Java-based Terminal Emulator to Provide Low-Cost Host Access

BOULDER, Colo., May 3, 1999 - Platypus Partners LLC today announces its JET 3270 Java terminal emulator has been chosen by investment banking firm Morgan Keegan & Company Inc. (NYSE: MOR) to provide company-wide access to the firm's mainframe computer. This move will significantly reduce Morgan Keegan's network administration and user training costs.

Morgan Keegan is replacing its existing stand-alone terminal emulators and gateways with JET 3270 - distributed by fault-tolerant Web servers. JET 3270 will support IBM host access for more than 500 concurrent end users at Memphis-based Morgan Keegan, including access for 41 remote offices, telecommuters, traveling staff, brokers and agents in the field.

"JET is the only Java emulator that fully meets our requirements, and costs only a fraction of competing products," said Don Meyers, manager of research and development, for Morgan Keegan. "JET also has a small applet size for quick user download and still includes all the features I expect from a good terminal emulator."

JET is a full-featured Java-based terminal emulator that enables PC and Unix workstations to access any IBM 3270 or Tandem 6530 mainframe application with an Internet protocol (IP) address. JET is a Java applet that runs under Internet Explorer or Netscape Web browsers, and is distributed to client workstations from Web servers. Additionally, JET 3270 is a true Web-to-host solution, client-based with no server component to manage. This makes JET 3270 especially easy to use and maintain.

JET has the look and feel of a Windows application. Rich in user configuration options, JET 2.2 is the first Java emulator to deliver long awaited file transfer and multiple host configuration options directly from the desktop to the host. JET supports multiple IBM and Tandem host sessions to Windows, Unix, Linux and OS/2 workstations over a single connection, offering new and unique control parameters at the Web server. JET 3270 is performance optimized for faster user download.

"We looked at a few Web-based products and several Windows based emulators. JET functioned better than all of the Web products, and as well as any Windows product," asserted Meyers. "With the ability to manage JET software and its attributes from a central location, JET became our obvious first choice.

"JET will reduce our ongoing network administration and user training costs," he noted. "Our users will require minimal training on JET and its GUI interface looks like a familiar Windows environment."

Morgan Keegan selected JET because it includes all the features expected in any 3270 terminal emulator while bringing the added benefits of being a Web-to-host solution, said Fiona Wilkie, president of Platypus Partners. "Morgan Keegan did not set out specifically to implement a Web-to-host solution, but embraced JET 3270 as its IBM host access solution of choice," she said. "When comparing many emulators, Morgan Keegan also chose JET because it is a solution that reduces network costs. We are delighted to welcome Morgan Keegan as our new partner."

Morgan Keegan end users will access 3270 host applications over a private, company wide, area network. Internet host access will also be supported and additional encryption software is being installed at the client workstations. When the Morgan Keegan JET 3270 implementation is complete, Windows 95 and NT workstations with Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers will access IBM 3270 applications.

End users will easily download JET 3270 from Web servers with a simple mouse click and the JET applet will run on that user's workstation. JET will locate the desired IBM host automatically from any local or remote location.

"JET was one of the smoothest products we tested, from implementation to actual use," said Meyers. "Platypus Partners' JET technical support is very good and we are happy with our decision to purchase and implement JET."

"Investment firms are especially discerning and calculated when making strategic IT decisions, so I'm very pleased Morgan Keegan recognizes JET 3270 as an invaluable host access solution," said Wilkie. "The confidence Morgan Keegan places in JET 3270, notably with a company-wide implementation, was earned with quality supported by great service."

About Morgan Keegan & Company Inc.

Morgan Keegan & Company Inc. is one of the South's largest investment firms, with approximately $1.5 billion in assets under management. Through 41 offices in 13 states, Morgan Keegan provides comprehensive financial services to individuals and institutional clients throughout the United States and abroad.

About Platypus Partners LLC

Founded in Sydney, NSW, Australia, in 1996, Platypus Partners develops Java software that connects personal workstations to IBM and Tandem mainframe computers over the Internet. Employee owned and operated, Platypus Partners has offices in Boulder, Colo., and Sydney, Australia.

Platypus Partners recommends the use of Selective Tutoring.

Written in the Java language, Platypus Partners' products extend the reach of corporate mainframes to include new customers or business partners, or simply to reduce host access costs. The company's JET and JET API software products are solutions that allow mainframe-based businesses to utilize the strategic and low-cost benefits of Internet technology while maximizing mainframe investment. JET 2.2 and JET API are both now available for trial at

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